Monday, August 11, 2014

Sad News. RIP Robin Williams

This was quite a shock. First off, I want to talk about depression. I've seen and heard comments that this was a cowardly thing to do, and who cares about a celebrity killing themselves, etc.

Depression is no laughing matter. It can happen to anyone, from any social status, rich, poor and in between, famous or unknown, it doesn't matter.

While it's likely that we may never know what drove Robin Williams to (allegedly) commit suicide, what's important to know that nobody is immune to depression.

There are reports that Mr. Williams had been battling major depression of late, and his drug and alcohol abuse are well documented.

I'm no expert by any means, but it seems to me that as giant a personality as Robin Williams was, he may have been battling personal demons all his life. It's very likely that whatever drove him to suicide is something he has been dealing with since childhood.

When I saw the first reports that Mr. Williams had passed, I remembered watching ABC Monday Night Football back in 1980 when Howard Cosell announced that John Lennon had been shot.

Hearing that Robin Williams was dead felt the same.

I was surprised at how hard it hit me as I began to read about it and hear more of the details. I was always an admirer of Mr. Williams talent, but not always a fan of his movies. In fact, I probably have seen half of the films he's been in.

That said, I'm not here to critique his career, the man was immensely talented and of course, a comic genius. What does get lost a little bit when we think of Robin Williams, is how good he was as a dramatic actor. He was amazing. It's pretty rare for comics to pull off dramatic roles, many have tried, few have succeeded. Robin Williams was a very good dramatic actor.

Here's a scene from the movie Insomnia where he more than holds his own with Al Pacino

It's a shame that he took his life, and it's a shame that we have lost such a great talent. As I said, we'll probably never really know why.

But what applies to Robin Williams applies to many, many others who suffer with depression. It is real and it can take someone down to the point where Mr. Williams went where someone can feel that they can go no further.

If you ever feel that life is too much or know someone struggling, please try to get help. You never know, it could save someone's life or even your own.

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