Thursday, March 20, 2014

Watch Out For the Old Guy

Former NHL great Phil Epsosito (who we wished a happy 72nd a few weeks ago) told a great story last night on the Siriux XM  In The Slot With Phil Esposito show with Scott Laughlin.

When Espo was a member of the New York Rangers he decided to make a little wager with rookie speedster Ron Duguay. (Who also happens to be married to model Kim Alexis)

Anyone who has seen Espo play knows that speed was certainly no part of his game in any way, shape or form. Undaunted, Espo challenged the young flashy rookie.

Espo could never go fast enough to get the hair flowing like this
See? Everything's in place
"I'll bet you $100 that I can race you around the rink!" Espo said to Duguay.

Amazed that the older slower Esposito would challenge the much faster skater, Duguay responded that he'd take the bet.

Off they went and Duguay was halfway around the rink as Espo put it "I was going along taking my time smooth as can be when he stopped and shrugged his shoulders.

'Keep going' I yelled to him and Duguay took off."

Espo continued around the rink taking his time and then caught up with Duguay who had finished well ahead.

"You owe me $100" Espo said.

"But I beat you" Duguay said confused as to how he could have ever lose the bet.

"I never said anything about beating you" said Esposito.

"I said I'd bet you $100 I could race you around the rink."

"Pay up."

And that is why you never underestimate the old guys.

And while we're at it, Happy 66th Bobby Orr!

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