Monday, October 21, 2013

Just Get It Over With and Replay Every NFL Play

Or put flags on each player.

The NFL is quickly becoming the worst thing to happen in professional sports. In their never ending quest for perfection, (are gambling and fantasy leagues driving this?) each year the NFL Rules Committee adds more and more rules that are making a mockery of NFL football.

Full disclosure, I'm from Massachusetts and I root for the New England Patriots, I despise the New York Jets, but that has nothing to do with this.

The Jets and Patriots were in overtime and the Jets had a field goal attempt miss.
Whoops, a flag goes down on the play.
What's the call?

Unsportsmanlike conduct.


"Pushing a teammate into the pile"

Here's a link to an interview with referee Jerome Boger who explains the call. Transcript below:

Pool reporter Mike Reiss asked Boger: ''Please explain the penalty that was called on No. 94 (Jones) on the field goal.''
Boger: ''The call was that No. 94 on the defense pushed his teammate into the formation. That is a rule change for 2013 that a teammate cannot push a teammate into the opponents' formation.''
Reiss: ''Is it any type of push? Is it a two-handed push?''
''Any push. It could be with the body, not necessarily with the hand, but with the body into his teammate, into the formation. It's any type of pushing action.''
Reiss: ''Is there anything else to go over with this penalty?''
Boger: ''No, the umpire's flag went up almost instantaneously as he observed the action. We just enforced it as he called it.
Reiss: ''And that's a 15-yard penalty.''
Boger: ''For unsportsmanlike conduct.''
Get it over with already and put flags on 'em all and replay every down. The game is fast becoming a real joke.

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