Friday, September 6, 2013

Why The NFL Is So Annoying

I do like football, it's the NFL I can't stand.

I didn't watch the All Important Drop Everything™ NFL season opener between defending All Important Drop Everything™ NFL champion (I'm afraid to use S**** B***) Baltimore Ravens and Denver Broncos last night.

Yes, go ahead, take my All Important Drop Everything™ NFL Man Card.

Instead I watched reruns of the Sopranos with my wife. Which is now a nightly ritual since the passing of James Gandolfini. The show never disappoints.

OK, I did watch a few minutes of the game which was delayed due to severe lightning in the Denver area. But I quickly got turned off by the typical overblown hype that is now standard fare with the NFL.

First, they brought out Ryan Seacrest to... I guess introduce the All Important Drop Everything™ NFL opener. And then with one of the most horrible songs ever, Europe's The Final Countdown, they had a "countdown" (get it?)

OK....what Ryan Seacrest has to do with football I have no clue. At least there were some Broncos fans that booed...

Ryan Seacrest at age 13
Let's get this guy to introduce the season!
There was a shot during the game of Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs who was angry (surprise) about something and immediately started cursing and waving at the cameraman to get away from him. Why is Terrell Suggs so worried about a camera? The NFL literally films everything that moves during an NFL game so there should be no surprise that he was being filmed.

He's a pro athlete, the last thing he should be worried or annoyed about during a game is a TV camera.

Come on Terrell, give us a smile
The bits of the All Important Drop Everything™ game that I did see were the usual antics that now are far too common in pro sports.

A guy stops a running back for a short gain and immediately jumps up shaking his head and waving his finger and I'm sure trash talking like a maniac. I know football is an emotional game, but why is it on every single play guys feel the need to over celebrate and overreact?

Then this happened:

Denver linebacker Danny Trevathan drops the ball before getting to the end zone because he was SHOWBOATING. Now I missed this because of the Sopranos (thankfully) and it turns out that Denver blew out the Ravens anyway. Which is not the way the All Important Drop Everything™ NFL would have liked this game to turn out.

Brings back memories of Leon Lett:

So we have two extremes, Terrell Suggs getting pissed off at a cameraman for shooting him brooding on the sidelines and Danny Trevathan dropping the ball before getting to the end zone.


Because they both were too preoccupied with how they look on television.

This is why (most) pro sports all over are so annoying and have been for long time.

Blame ESPN for their over the top highlight reel obsession with spikes and dunks and leaps.That's part of it.

Blame the networks for over analyzing every single play and replaying them over and over and over.

Blame the announcers and play by play guys for overdoing analysis and gushing about everything we see.

Blame us.

Yep. Blame us, we're the people who watch this crap.

Watching a game is no longer a pastime to root for your home team or follow the sport. No. it's gone way beyond. We have fantasy leagues and betting and endless pregame, postgame shows and show after show with "experts" who break down and analyze every detail about every All Important Drop Everything™ game.

All this has sucked the life out of most pro sports, especially the All Important Drop Everything™ NFL. And NCAA college football is right behind and even worse in some regions.

I get that football is a religion to some people, but this incessant coverage is just ruining the game and it's showing on the field -  I give you the two examples above from the first game of the season as evidence.

Pro athletes are the ultimate "look at me" narcissists with the exception of one pro sport:


You do not see the overreacting every time someone makes a routine play. Don't get me wrong, there's plenty of trash talking and antagonizing in hockey, but it's not to the point where the players are mugging for the cameras. They're actually doing it to get under the other guy's skin which is what trash talking and being a pest is all about.

Brad Marchand
Did somebody say pest? Not with a face like that.

Yep, they sure do celebrate when they score, but overdo it and look out.
Scott Hartnell will just run you over
The NFL, NBA, MLB and pro soccer are full of these overblown antics in every single game. I'm not asking the players to be robots out there, just please, to use the best sports quote: "act like you've been there."

Where are the Barry Sanders' of today?

It used to be like that in all the other sports. In baseball guys like Don Drysdale or Bob Gibson would be sure to put you on your backside next time you stood at the plate if you showed them up.

Here's how old school guys like Bob Gibson and Reggie Jackson view things:

Ironically, Jackson was one of the first guys in MLB who stood and admired his home runs though...

Dick Butkus might have a little incentive to drive you into the ground if you went overboard or Bill Russell might have a bit more oomph on the next foul he handed out.

I know there are a lot of fans who love the showboating, taunting and overdone celebrations, but is it because they have been force fed that this is how the games should be played?

Personally, I blame this guy:

And these guys:

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