Saturday, August 17, 2013

There's Blood On Your Hands Massachusetts

I am so angry about this and one of the nice things about blogging is I'm not subject to the political correctness that has infected this nation for far too long.

So, I'm going to speak my mind about this.

Jared Remy, 34 brutally and savagely murdered Jennifer Martel, 27 the mother of his 4 year old daughter in front of the little girl and several neighbors on Thursday, August 15.

This murder could have and should have been prevented.

Who is Jared Remy? He's the son of former Major League baseball player, Jerry Remy, who has been the play by play announcer for the Boston Red Sox on their NESN channel for many years.

Jerry Remy during his Red Sox playing days
Jerry Remy was an average player who played second base for the Red Sox and California Angels during the mid 70's and retired after the 1984 season. Remy is beloved in New England because he's a former Red Sox player and he was born and raised in Somerset, Massachusetts.

Remy, who is affectionately known as the RemDawg, is revered by Red Sox fans because he is a local guy, talks like a local guy, and has been associated with the Red Sox for over 40 years.

Remy also owns a restaurant, hosts a website called The Remy Report and has an online store.

His son Jared has a long criminal record of assaults dating back to 1998. This includes assault and battery charges against him with three different women, one of them being Jennifer Martel.

Jared Remy was employed by the Red Sox as a security staffer and was fired in 2009 in connection with an investigation by Major League Baseball involving steroids.

Take a look at what Jared Remy looked like back then:

As you can see, Remy was sampling his own wares and when you see what he looks like today, never stopped.

Here's what Remy looks like now at his arraignment:


Again, Remy is a large, powerful man more than capable of inflicting serious damage on just about anyone he wants. Remy is in fact so large, that when he was arrested was too big to be taken in a police cruiser. They had to call a wagon to take Remy to the Waltham Police station.

As you will see, Remy's had a history of having things swept under the rug. Here's a telling excerpt from the Boston Globe article when Remy was dismissed from the Red Sox for his involvement for selling steroids:

Remy, 30, said he believed the questioning, conducted in a Fenway Park conference room by MLB investigator Eduardo Dominguez, lasted about 15 minutes. It seemed to him a perfunctory exercise in damage control.

“They didn’t ask much at all; they wanted to make it disappear,’’ he said.

“Major League Baseball asked me, ‘Have you ever seen any players do steroids?’ ’’ Remy recalled. “I said, ‘No. no.’ . . . He said, ‘If you’re honest with me, nothing will happen to you.’ Next thing I know, I get fired.’’

Here's another excerpt from the same article:

A massively muscular man, Remy is unapologetic about having used steroids and proud of his knowledge of weightlifting. He can be seen striking bodybuilding poses in photos posted on his girlfriend’s Facebook page.

Remy has faced several assault charges, most recently in 2005, when he beat up a previous girlfriend. He acknowledges having made mistakes in his life, but said he would never take the legal risk of selling steroids.

Remy seems to be a poster boy for what is termed roid rage. His criminal record certainly reflects that and his reputation for being controlling and abusive paint a picture of a very dangerous man.

Of course, the Boston Red Sox and Major League Baseball wanted to distance themselves from this as far away as possible.

The Red Sox released this statement after Remy and another employee were dismissed:

“The Boston Red Sox worked with Major League Baseball’s department of investigations on matters involving the termination of two hourly employees, Alex Cyr and Jared Remy,’’ the statement read. “These activities, like all activities related to employee status or termination, are confidential.’’

Major League Baseball has had the stain of PEDs for decades and are still embroiled with many stars today who have either been suspended or face suspension. This is the dark side of not only MLB but all of pro and amatuer sports. MLB seems to be a target more than other sports because of its history and emphasis on numbers and records.

Which since the 90's have been a joke. You can go back to Jose Canseco, Mark McGuire, Rafael Palmiero, Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds straight through to current players like Manny Ramirez, Ryan Braun and Alex Rodrigues.

MLB has been its own worst enemy as well:

The decision to promptly fire Cyr and Remy does underscore the league’s and team’s tougher attitude about performance-enhancing drug use, and stands in sharp relief to how baseball officials dealt with a similar incident in June 2000, when a Red Sox clubhouse worker was stopped by State Police on Blue Hill Avenue in Dorchester.

That employee was driving a car loaned to him by then-Sox utility infielder Manny Alexander. Police found steroids and syringes in the glove compartment of the Mercedes.

The punishment? Charges against Alexander were dismissed for lack of evidence. The clubhouse worker was reassigned to a maintenance job at Fenway.

Major League Baseball closed its investigation without determining who was responsible for the drugs and without interviewing Alexander.

Other sports, especially the NFL, do not face the scrutiny that MLB does which is laughable. But that's another subject for another time.

The point of all this is to show that Jared Remy has long been both a steroid user and an abuser, especially toward women:

Remy has a violent criminal history, including a total of 15 criminal charges since 1998, according to Waltham court records. He has been accused of assaulting five people – including four women – and was involved in at least three restraining orders, including one in which he was the plaintiff.

So how did Jared Remy with such a lengthy criminal record and an admitted steroid user avoid being in some sort of program or in jail?

My best guess is his father has many connections and used them to get his son out of the many jams he got himself into. This pattern of enabling Jared to walk away from his crimes has now come back to haunt Jerry Remy and his wife.

I've heard all the talk and read many articles that warn us not to implicate Jerry Remy and his wife because Jared is an adult and is responsible for his own actions.

Boston Herald  columnist  Joe Fitzgerald  wrote this gem today. Fitzgerald is a long time sports reporter who now writes pretty much irrelevant columns for the Herald.

Jerry Remy has certainly had it pretty rough for the past few years. A long time cigarette smoker, Remy has battled cancer and missed significant time from his broadcasting duties as a result. I certainly do not disparage Jerry Remy for this and I certainly can sympathize with his plight as I lost my dad to lung cancer back in 1999.

That said, Remy's medical issues do not let him off the hook with what his son has done. Fitzgerald ended his column with this:

Jerry Remy, the broadcaster, is fair game for scrutiny, just as Jerry Remy, the second baseman, was.
But Jerry Remy, the dad, deserves to be left alone right now.

What makes this murder so horrible is the fact that Jennifer Martel called police on Wednesday, August 14, because Jared Remy smashed her face into a bathroom mirror.

She took out an emergency restraining order against Jared Remy, but was asked by Remy's mother to remove the restraining order because it would "ruin his life".

Should we leave Jerry Remy and his wife alone after many sources have reported that Remy's mother begged Ms. Martel to remove the restraining order because it would "ruin his life"?

It gets worse.

Jared Remy was subsequently released on personal recognizance by authorities. The same guy who was sentenced to 81 days in Middelsex County Jail for assaulting another woman back in 2005.

Let that sink in. I would assume that when one is arrested, a background check would be run and I would assume that the Waltham Police saw that Jared Remy has a long criminal record of violence and abuse. But higher authorities intervened.

Remy was arrested for smashing Jennifer Martel's face into a bathroom mirror and is released on personal recognizance then returns the next night and brutally stabs her to death because she was "planning her escape".

So how did this monster get released on personal recognizance?

“On Wednesday, a [bail] request was made based on the information that we had on Wednesday,” said Middlesex District Attorney Marian T. Ryan. “Obviously and tragically, there is different information today, Friday morning.’’

Based on the information that they had on Wednesday they decided that Jared Remy was no threat to Jennifer Martel and released him.

15 years of criminal charges with a noted history of violence apparently wasn't enough to convince DA Ryan that Jared Remy was a ticking time bomb.

Let's see the press conference where DA Ryan explains her rationale for releasing Remy:

Start at 2:22 mark where District Attorney Ryan addresses releasing Remy:

"The bail recommendation on Wednesday was made based on the totality of the circumstances, the singular count in that case as well as conversations with investigating officers and Ms. Martel."

Jared Remy was released because his parents used their connections. I'm pretty sure that the DA's office wouldn't release most people with Remy's background.

To not look at Jerry and Phoebe Remy as part of why this happened is a huge mistake. If you look into the incidents with Jared it's hard not to question why he wasn't in jail after what happened Wednesday night when he first attacked Ms. Martel. Restraining order or not, the police have every right to detain a suspect if they feel he or she would be a threat. They certainly had more than enough evidence to do just that, but the DA's office overruled them.


Because they were asked to.

Let's look into the Remy family a little bit further:

In July of this year, daughter Jenna Remy, 28 was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, resisting arrest, wanton malicious defacement, and misdemeanor breaking and entering. She also kicked an officer twice, once in the buttocks and in the groin and had to be maced with pepper spray to be subdued.

August 2010 - Jordan Remy arrested for indecent assault and battery. This class act decided to follow a woman out of a bar and grab her crotch saying "You know you want it"

Jerry and Phoebe Remy have three children.
All three of them have been arrested for assault at one point in their lives.

I see all these comments saying it's not right or fair to implicate Jerry and Phoebe for the behavior of their adult children. Fair enough if it were one or two isolated incidents, but they have hit the trifecta, all three have engaged in criminal behavior which begs the question, why?

In Jared's case we can conclude that strings have been pulled especially on Wednesday of this week when the DA turned a blind eye the obvious.

Jennifer Martel should be alive today and her 4 year old daughter should be with her mother.

Because Jerry Remy used his influence and status to get his son off the hook and the DA gladly obliged, Jennifer Martel was brutally murdered and her daughter left without parents.

I don't care how you look at it, the State of Massachusetts, Jerry and Phoebe Remy have the blood of Jennifer Martel on their hands.

A case of "who you know" which is a way of life here in Massachusetts, cost someone theirs.

I hate that this happened and I do feel that both Jerry and Phoebe Remy would have never guessed that their son would go this far. But that's the problem. They were too blind to see what an animal Jared Remy really is when it was painfully obvious that he was more than capable of murdering a young woman.

RIP Jennifer Martel. You certainly did not have to die and that is the shame of it all.


  1. I completely agree with this article. Many other posts seem too hesitant to place any blame on the parents because let's face it, people love Jerry. And isn't that a big piece of the issue here?

    A few other things to add:
    1) When Jared's criminal history is listed in the media, there is a stretch of time where he didn't have any issues/run ins with the law. I don't buy it. What I think is that his parents got better at bribing Jennifer and anyone else not to press charges. It was noted that Jennifer was dependent upon their financial support, so I'm sure they used that for leverage.
    2) At what point do parents shut off the financial support and force their kids to make it on their own? Or say to Jared, it's time to go to rehab and anger management and stop acting like a monster. But no - Jerry got him a job at the Red Sox (and was pissed from what I heard that the Sox fired him) and then Jerry lists Jared as an employee at one of his other companies. Must be nice to keep enabling.
    3) Those in legal positions need to stop acting like groupies and stop giving special treatment. How on earth did this guy get released in the first place?
    4) We have yet to hear from more of Jennifer's friends and neighbors about all the other times he hurt and/or threatened her. This didn't come out of the blue.
    5)I don't expect Jerry or Phoebe Remy to come clean about how they pressured Jennifer not press charges. But we all know differently. They have been too focused on keeping Jerry popular as his empire has grown significantly over the years.

  2. Mike-
    How refreshing to read someone that agrees with me the minority.
    Poor Jerry Remy.
    We should leave him alone.. I think NOT.
    Can you believe that he and his wife are in the running petitioning the court to raise the little girl that's mother is dead because he didn't want his monster of a son's life ruined.

  3. Little late here I know but I just found the article. Completely agree with you. Such a shame. There is blood on the State's hands as well as the Remys

  4. well done. long before the globe piece

  5. This post is disgraceful. You have no evidence, none, that Jared Remy was released because the Remys had connections. Jared's lawyer denies it; so does everyone else in the process.Nor does the fact that the other two Remy children had assault charges prove anything about their upraising, though living with a sibling like Jared may well have harmed them. This is entirely hindsight bias, based on supposition and speculation, and absolutely unjust and unfair. Jared was a 34 year old man when he allegedly killed his girlfriend. At that age, he is 100% responsible for his actions. There is no blood on anyone's hands but the killer's.

  6. "This post is disgraceful. You have no evidence, none, that Jared Remy was released because the Remys had connections. Jared's lawyer denies it; so does everyone else in the process.Nor does the fact that the other two Remy children had assault charges prove anything about their upraising, though living with a sibling like Jared may well have harmed them. This is entirely hindsight bias, based on supposition and speculation, and absolutely unjust and unfair. Jared was a 34 year old man when he allegedly killed his girlfriend. At that age, he is 100% responsible for his actions. There is no blood on anyone's hands but the killer's."

    Quote from the Boston Globe: "Remy was asked if he regretted enabling Jared by financially supporting him throughout his son's troubled years.

    "Yes, of course we did," Remy said. "What are we guilty of? We're guilty of getting him lawyers when he was in trouble. We were well aware what was going on with Jared and we tried our best to do everything along the way to get him as much help as he possibly could. And then for a stretch it seemed like he had his life in order and then of course everything caved in and we felt as parents... did we enable him? Yes, we paid for lawyers, we paid for a psychiatrist, we paid for the help that we thought he needed. I think a lot of families would have done the same thing. Others would not have. Others would have thrown him out into the street, but that just wasn't our way. When you look back on it, was it the right thing to do? I don't have an answer to that. I really don't have an answer for that."

    "When asked if he was paying for Jared's lawyer now with the pending murder trial, Remy replied simply: "Yes."

    My post is disgraceful? You bleeding heart lawyers helping psychopaths like Jared Remy slither off because of their connections and technicalities are the disgraceful ones. Did you bother to read the article where judge after judge turned a blind eye to his crimes?

    Kind of interesting that Jared Remy kept getting released when he was clearly a dangerous person. Jerry Remy isn't on trial here, but he and his wife and all the connections he pulled had a part in that murder. That is the truth and what's disgraceful is people like you who split hairs to deflect the attention away from the real reasons.

  7. Thank you for outlining what some of us believe to be true.

    As a former blogger who wrote of a controversial story which ended the life of a young woman, (Truro 02'), I know only too well how money and power can shape outcomes of cases. I write to also warn you--people of power will go to great lengths to silence reporters and bloggers, even threaten their lives with "accidents", towards family members, or hurt you financially. Don't underestimate their power and influence. When their financial lives are at risk, they can and will get ugly, going after innocent people who are only trying to expose the harsh truth in order to save more victims, some who took the fall for their involvement in crimes to avoid jail time.

    The case involved a quasi-high-society victim, dad former assistant DA (how much pull can that buy?) which dysfunctional family went through great lengths to cover up details--sending what many believe was an innocent man to prison with no real evidence-30 yrs to life, no parole.

    I agree the legal system in MA is a cesspool. People with money, connections, fame can and will do whatever it takes to keep their family and empires intact and out of the public's eye. They are notorious for backroom dealing the public will never be aware of until something as ugly and sinister as this case is finally brought out into the open.

    Women have been dieing at the hands of their abusers for years without so much as a quick flash on breaking news and story is forgotten. The Boston Globe (story of 3/23 "For Jared Remy, leniency was the rule until one lethal night") should be commended. But, the paper is also are gaining from this tragedy because of Jerry Remy's legacy with the Red Sox.

    At age 17 when he caused severe brain damage to his classmate, which ended his life at the young age of 22--was a wake up call.

    I'm guessing there is a lesson to be learned for the suburbanites of Weston/Sudbury and beyond. The rich don't understand that throwing money at problems doesn't solve them. Appearances can be deceiving, especially when they want their kids to get into the best schools and colleges. Too bad they forgot teaching them good values comes first.

    I really hope authorities make it right this time. This guy is dangerous to society and should remain in prison. If this was in fact directly related to his abuse of steroids, then LE should be doing more. Just because you are a star athlete in organized sports (or dad is popular now w/broadcasting gig), it does not give you the right to do whatever you want without facing the same consequences everyone else must face.

  8. It's too bad that he was allowed to procreate. His genes need to be eliminated from the pool. And also (not trying to blame the victims) how do thugs like this continue to get women to have sex with them?

    I just hope the rest of the Remy clan don't have any kids.
    What a bunch of morons.