Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Idiot Congressional Rep of the Week

We all know that Congress is by and large populated with idiots. This one seems to be the leader in the clubhouse with her thinly veiled political agenda.

I give you Congresswoman Carolyn Mahoney (D-NY):

Rep. Carolyn Maloney
"I mean, how dumb can we be?" - Rep. Carolyn Mahoney
Yes, she really said this:
"As it stands right now Tamerlan (Tsarnaev) was on the terrorist watch list, so we know a gun check would stop him if there was a background check."
Really Congresswoman?

So a gun background check was all it would have taken to stop those two brothers from placing two homemade explosive devices at the Boston Marathon finish line killing three and maiming hundreds?

I bet the Cambridge Police are feeling pretty stupid about not running a background check on Tsarnaev, right Congresswoman?

Did it occur to this moonbat that there's a good chance that Tamerlan Tsarnaev never applied for a firearms permit?

It gets better:
"As it stands now Tamerlan or the next Tamerlan or Lanza or the next terrorist can go to any gun show and buy a hundred round magazine, they can buy all of the assault weapons they want, no questions asked. The gun lobby has the upper hand now even though 90% of Americans want gun safety . This in no way infringes on the right of a law abiding American's right for self protection to go hunting or whatever purpose. But for the terrorists, the bad guys, let's pass sensible gun safety legislation." 
Let's look at that last sentence:

"But for the terrorists, the bad guys, let's pass sensible gun safety legislation." 

Does she mean that "sensible gun safety legislation for terrorists" will stop terrorist acts? Or does she mean that if "sensible gun safety legislation for terrorists" laws are passed that terrorists will snap their fingers and go "Damn, if it wasn't for those "sensible gun safety legislation for terrorists" I could have carried out an act of terror. My bad."

It might stop Snidely Whiplash!

Curses! Foiled again!

It is pretty obvious that no laws would have, and obviously DID NOT stop the Boston Marathon bombings. It's also pretty obvious that this is a shamefully transparent attempt by Rep. Mahoney to use this terrible incident which had nothing to do with firearms to push her agenda.

And if those statement weren't enough lunacy, she also tried to tie the Sandy Hook tragedy to this incident:

All of us have to remember the faces of the 26 children and the six teachers who were innocently mowed down with many rounds of ammunition. We need to stop this. We have to have greater resolve. We need to keep a focus on it, keep involving political leaders, civic leaders in making this happen. It's the right thing to do. It's sensible. Law enforcement is asking for it. Let us help them from the strength to protect us. crack down on people trafficking illegal guns. Let's pass it.
I'm not sure what the acts of Boston and Sandy Hook have to do with each other as they are completely unrelated insofar as the acts committed. You can make a case for background checks for Sandy Hook, but how does that equate to what happened in Boston?

The Sandy Hook killer did not have a 100 round magazine purchased at a gun show with no questions asked.

A background check wouldn't have stopped him either.

Do loonies like Rep. Mahoney actually believe that passing more laws that only law abiding citizens will be obliged to follow will stop acts like these?


We all feel helpless and angry when despicable acts such as these are carried out and we all want somebody to do something to prevent them in any way, but passing laws that criminals will ignore and circumvent is not the answer.

In the Boston case, it appears that there were warnings from the Russian and now possibly Saudi governments about Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

There were signs about the Sandy Hook killer that he was unstable. We still don't know how he had accessed the guns licensed to his mother.

No laws could stop either.

Heeding the warning signs, especially in the case of Tsarnaev, might have prevented the Marathon incident.

People do not commit these heinous acts in a moment of anger, acts such as these are built up over time and take years before they are carried out. They don't just happen overnight.

The warning signs were there in both cases and also for the Aurora Colorado murderer.

Look at ways to pay heed to the warnings and we might be able to prevent these acts from occurring. Knee jerk legislation such as Rep. Mahoney espouses will do absolutely nothing to stop future deeds such as these.

This is a classic example of why politicians, especially those in Congress and held in such contempt.

Here is a link to the interview with MSNBC host Richard Lui.

Norway has some of the most strict gun control laws in the world and that didn't stop a lunatic from exploding a bomb as a diversion then going out to an island to systematically murder 77 students with a gun. And of course the narrative to this story was the gunman was another unstable crazy person to whom anyone who knew him was not surprised he carried out such a despicable act.

Oh and one other point Congresswoman, the "gun lobby" has many, many resources for gun safety. I believe gun safety courses (sponsored by the NRA by the way) are required in most states to obtain a firearms permit.

Wow. And I thought Massachusetts Democrats led the league in lunacy. With this one and Mayor Bloomberg, MA may be a distant second fiddle.

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