Thursday, March 14, 2013

North Korea US Propaganda Video Is Hilarious

The good folks over at everyone's favorite dictatorship have released a propaganda video about daily life in the US that is probably one of the funniest videos ever done.

In an attempt to portray daily life in America as bleak and hopeless, those daffy North Koreans have accidentally stumbled on a new talent: comedy.

"How Americans Live Today"

Here are some of the hilarious claims in the video:

  • Americans buy guns to kill each other, especially children
  • There are no birds because they've been eaten by people who live in tents
  • Houses blow down very easily and Americans have to live in those tents
  • The "roofs" on tents collapse often (you'll see rafters in the "roof" of the "tents")
  • The American Red Cross supplies curtains and wool from material from North Korea
  • Apparently Tuesday is the day to eat the few remaining birds in the trees
  • The birds are yummy
  • People eat snow of which there is plenty in the US
  • People hang out with their dead friends drinking snow in coffee cups
  • A "former Republican candidate from Oregon" also has to get coffee made from snow from a truck
  • The "hot snow" tastes nice and is also yummy
  • People sit under expensive Dell computer ads drinking snow from plastic cups
  • Pay telephones no longer work because there is no one to call
  • The generous North Koreans handed out coffee and cakes to the poor destitute Americans

America has plenty of snow for everyone to make coffee and drink. We're probably gonna run out of birds though.

"This is how they live in modern day America, huddled together. The poor, the cold, the lonely, and the homosexual." 

Carry on comrades

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