Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New and Interesting Stuff

Here's something you don't see many ex-pro athletes doing:

Interesting story on Deadspin about NBA Hall of Famer Adrian Dantley working as a crossing guard. No, he's not down and out, he's just doing it for the bennies.
Here is some riveting footage:

The NBA gets the JR treatment:

Legendary WWE announcer Jim Ross gives a LeBron James dunk over Boston Celtic Jason Terry the WWE treatment as only he can:

"As God as my witness, he is BROKEN IN HALF!!!"

RIP Captain Peacock

Venerable British actor Frank Thornton of the 60's hit TV show Are You Being Served has died at 92. Mr. Thornton was the epitome of the classic straight man playing off all the off balance characters on the show. He was hilarious and well cast as snooty Captain Peacock, the floor manager of an upscale London department store.

"Are you free Mrs. Slocombe?"

Captain Peacock Remembers Mrs. Slocomb (Mollie Sugden)

A Tribute to Frank Thornton

Rest In Peace Captain Peacock

Huh? $22 bucks an hour for minimum wage???

Does Elizabeth Warren really believe her latest idiotic statement that minimum wage should be $22 per hour based on productivity using 1960's wages as a scale? Well, times they have a-changed Senator. If someone sweeping floors or slinging hash for a living in 1960 was making the equivalent of $22 an hour, I'd like to see what company they worked for.

Because they sure as hell aren't still in business today.

That's some crafty math to come up with the statement that based on productivity, that's what someone should be making in today's dollars. What an idiot. What's a plumber or a lawyer worth then?

National embarrassment and fraud

Welcome to the twisted mind of a socialist who's never had a real job as an adult or ever run a business telling businesses how to pay they should pay employees. 

This is the disingenuous argument by the left that those working minimum wage jobs should be able to support a family. At who's expense? Are people going to pay $22 for a cup of coffee Senator?

How about this, if you plan to have a family, you need to aim a little bit higher than minimum wage. That's why they're called "entry level" positions...

For more information about how Warren fudged the numbers for her argument, Legal Insurrection provides excellent analysis.

If you can't bother to read the article, this little snippet blows Senator Socialism's inept argument out of the water:
How do we know that the productivity increases of minimum wage workers kept pace with the productivity increases of the average worker?  Intuitively, one would think that minimum wage worker productivity gains lag far behind, which is why they are minimum wage jobs in an increasingly high-tech job market.  Think the person serving burgers versus high tech information-based workers, which is more productive due to technology compared to 40 years ago?
Smartest person in the room indeed.

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