Monday, January 7, 2013

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

Here's a way to get people to quit smoking (or create an underground cigarette market)

Not exactly the most well thought out plans apparently.

I bet he got excellent gas mileage though

This is just plain creepy

Little girls show how refereeing football is done

Massachusetts man goes into his garage, gets attacked by bobcat
Roger D. Mundell Jr. was attacked by a Bobcat in his garage. Mundell in his home, Monday. The two deep scratches were from the canine teeth of the bobcat. (Christine Peterson / Worcester Telegram and Gazette)
Do not mess with this dude's wife

Now that NHL hockey is back, here's some hockey songs. Er, because there just aren't enough good hockey songs

Stompin' Tom Connors, The Hockey Song

The late great Warren Zevon, Hit Somebody (The Hockey Song)

The Zambonis, I Wanna Drive the Zamboni

Brass Bonanza (a classic for Hartford Whaler fans)

And of course the old school Bruins theme, the Nutcracker or The Nutty as known in Boston

And let's hope we hear a lot of this song in this shortened season

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