Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Truth About Fracking

On the heels of the repulsive HBO documentary Gasland by Josh Fox, filmmaker Phelim McAleer went out and shredded Fox's so-called expose about the alleged damage caused by fracking point by point by point in his recently released documentary FrackNation.

FrackNation debuted on AXS.TV on January 22.
Not only did McAleer expose Fox as a fraud, there's a scene at the end of the film where Fox literally runs and hides from McAleer as he tries to ask him questions.

FrackNation takes every element that Gasland used as its foundation as a case for banning fracking and turned them upside down and inside out. From scammers who are looking for a payday by claiming their water was contaminated by drilling to corrupt local officials.

The one on one interview with the Elizabeth Warren clone at the :14 mark of the video below was priceless. In the film, you see her morph into denial, anger, despair to finally getting outright pissed off as McAleer pins her down with questions. She abruptly ends the interview then sics a lawyer after McAleer to make a feeble (and failed) attempt to confiscate his film.

McAleer dismantled Gasland for what it is:


For years, the environmental movement has done more damage to this nation's economy and yes, the environment by their relentless Luddite-like pursuit of environmental purity.

Case in point, FrackNation points out that due to fracking being halted by environmental zealots in Pennsylvania, numerous farms were forced to close and sell off their land. Acres and acres of green rolling open space used for farming sold for condos, housing and developments.

Talk about the results of unintended consequence.

Here's the naked truth about environmentalism:

If anyone questions any of the claims they are branded as a heretic. I am not going to apologize about my skepticism about all the so-called warnings environmentalists espouse. It seems to me that pretty much every major claim that we've heard in our lifetimes has been debunked or proven to be not as severe as environmentalists claim.

In my opinion, the environmental movement is nothing short of lunacy. I am all for preserving as much open space as we can, I am all for reigning in waste and looking into ways to reuse and recycle. I am all for clean air and water. Frankly there have been some good things that have come out of environmentalism such as controls and restrictions on what goes into the air and water.

There is no disputing that companies did damage water and air quality with irresponsible methods of waste. Tougher standards and fines were imposed and did result in cleaner air and water.This should always be something the EPA stays on top of and keeps in its sights.

But all this talk about global warming which has suddenly morphed into "climate change" is puzzling. Consider this, everyone is aware that there was an ice age millions of years ago.
What caused all that ice to melt?

Could it be that the earth actually goes through cycles of temperature changes on its own??????

We have been measuring temperatures for about 200 years - not much in the grand scheme of things when you consider the earth is millions of years old. I can't buy into this alarmist dogma that we've been fed that everything we do for progress is detrimental.

We have found ways to utilize our resources to our benefit and have made incredible strides as a result. I agree that we should be cautious when taking on such endeavors, but there is science and fact that proves that fracking is not what frauds like Josh Fox make it out to be.

To go out and lie to prove your point is irresponsible and undermines progress and yes, cost us billions.

I'm not saying that all environmentalists are liars. I am saying that most people are ill informed and do not bother to find out the facts about important issues and are easily influenced into thinking they are doing the right thing.

Josh Fox is an opportunist who appears to play fast and loose with the so-called evidence in his film. Sounds like another guy who wears glasses and goes around making less than honest documentaries...

Josh Fox - the Michael Moore of environmentalists
Here is a video of McAleer questioning Fox where he once again proves how Fox manipulates and ignores data and facts to advance his agenda:

Here's an interview McAleer did with The Cato Institute

Oh yeah, I forgot noted enviro clown Matt Damon made a movie that was funded by Abu Dhabi. McAleer returned any money donated by anyone who might have a vested interest in influencing his film to avoid any perception that he is a paid mouthpiece.

Watch both documentaries and see which film is telling the truth.

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