Thursday, November 8, 2012

Meet Your New Junior Senator, America!

Hello everyone!

The good people of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts proudly present Elizabeth Warren, Senator Elect!!!

MA Governor Deval Patrick - Official Elizabeth Warren Spokesperson - Pull the string  Governor

From the Boston Herald

A jittery U.S. senator-elect Elizabeth Warren gave one-sentence answers, ducked questions and even passed one on to Gov. Deval Patrick in an awkward first press conference since the election.
Warren spoke for a total of less than four minutes during the 11-minute press conference — the rest was taken up by Patrick and reporters’ questions.
After being asked her first question — how she’d protect defense spending — Warren was silent as she turned to Patrick.
“Defense spending is you,” Patrick prodded Warren.
“Oh, that’s mine,” Warren replied.
After Warren fielded the question, Patrick stepped in to answer the follow-up.
“Let me start,” said Patrick, shielding Warren from having to answer.
When she did respond, the answers were often brief.
How does she feel about the high female voter turnout and the election of women in New Hampshire?
“I’m glad,” she said.
Is it surprising?
“I’m glad that the women turned out to vote, it meant a lot,” said Warren.
Asked what impact more women in the Senate would have, Warren punted.
“You want to try answering that?” she said, turning to Patrick, who stepped in again.
Warren wasn’t much more forthcoming when asked about her guiding principles on the fiscal cliff.
“Right now I think the parties are involved in negotiations,” said Warren.
Does she plan to hire women and minorities on her Senate staff?
“Of course,” she said.
What committee assignment would she like?
“I will continue to talk with the leader about it,” said Warren.
But what committee would she like?
“I will continue to talk with the leader,” Warren repeated.
Warren seemed to finally hit her stride the fifth time she was asked about women.
“Let’s get serious here,” said Warren. “This is 2012, and we’re talking about 20 percent of the United States Senate is female. That’s not an overwhelming number. ... We’re on the right trajectory, but there’s still a lot to do.”
Warren also said Sen. John Kerry would make “an extraordinary Secretary of State.”
Earlier, Warren power-walked past press photographers as she got off a State House elevator and went into Patrick’s office, blowing a potential photo op. The press conference also started about 40 minutes late.

From the People's Paper, The Boston Globe!!

After a press conference in which she brushed aside several questions with terse answers Thursday, Elizabeth Warren gave an explanation for her reticence. Speaking to a handful of reporters after the press conference, she said she must be more discreet now that she is making the transition from candidate to senator-elect.
“Listen, all I can say is I was a lot more discreet as a candidate than I was in real life,” she said after meeting with Massachusetts House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo at the State House.
Turning to a press aide, she said: “Can I say that? Maybe it’s indiscreet to talk about discretion.”

Warren made the comments after her first official post-election news conference, a joint event with Governor Deval Patrick, with whom she met for more than an hour.
Warren declined to say which committees she would prefer to serve on in the Senate. After the conference, she said she was still speaking with majority leader Harry Reid about her assignments, but added that she would like to focus on those related to the middle class issues on which she campaigned.
Warren also declined to elaborate on how lawmakers should deal with the oncoming “fiscal cliff,” a year-end deadline to avoid tax increases and large spending cuts in a variety of areas including the military. She said the issue remains under negotiation in the current Congress.
Even when asked about the influx of women into state and federal offices following Tuesday’s election, Warren initially declined to offer her views, deferring to Patrick.
But in a follow-up question, she was more expansive.
“Let’s get serious here. This is 2012, and we’re talking about 20 percent of the United States Senate female. That’s not an overwhelming number,” she said. “The fact that in this campaign and in this Congress, there were debates about equal pay for equal work, over insurance for birth control, tells us that there’s still a lot of work.”
The governor said Warren won her seat because she approached the campaign with conviction, something he hopes Warren brings to the Senate. But Patrick, who made a long and sometimes difficult transition from inspirational candidate to pragmatic governor during his first term, said that does not have to mean a refusal to compromise.
“Guns blazing isn’t the same thing as conviction,” Patrick said in response to a reporter’s question. “Conviction is a set of beliefs, a core set of values from which you make decisions. And that doesn’t that every decision is going to go your way, or that you’re not going to have to make compromise.”

We have 6 years of this to look forward to America. You can thank the good people of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for this gift that is sure to keep on giving!!

I don't know if Warren plans on bringing Governor Patrick with her to all her press conferences in the Senate though. It's beginning to look like a ventriloquist act.

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