Friday, November 9, 2012

In Memory of Kelly Harrison

I've setup this page for people to post their memories of Kelly. Please feel free to post your thoughts, comments and memories below. Please let me know if you have any pictures you'd like posted.

Kelly Harrison, August 21, 1989 - November 4, 2012
Kelly was a great friend to all of my children, especially our son Chris. Our daughters Amanda and Lizzy were friends with her growing up. Kelly spent a lot of time around our family and also got to know our youngest daughter, Melissa.

Kelly was in our home many, many times and she was a part of our family for many years.

The group of friends that all of our children have grown up with and become friends along they way are truly an exceptional bunch of young women and men. We are so proud of all of you and seeing how you've all grown makes us glad to know each and every one of you. You've all been to our home and are always welcome as you know.

For some of you, this is the first loss of your generation and we are deeply saddened for all of you. We all remember Kelly as a warm, friendly girl who was always fun to be around.

We all will miss her.

I'd love to hear your stories and celebrate her life with you.

To all of the friends of Chris, Liz, Mandy and Melissa, please know that you are all such a big part of our lives and we love you all.

To Paul and Carol Harrison, we are deeply sorry for the loss of your beautiful daughter. And to Michael Harrison, the loss of your sister.Words cannot express how heartbroken we are.

All of our love,

Mike and Moe

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