Thursday, October 11, 2012

You're Not From Massachusetts Professor

In addition to her ever growing litany of lies, Massachusetts Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren now wants reasonable people to swallow the line that she's from Massachusetts.

We all know she's not from here, so why is this important?

The same woman who once proclaimed she's "An Okie to her toes" is trying to counter Scott Brown as a regular guy local. Once again, we can see right through ya Granny!

By my count, Warren twice looked into the camera and delivered the new whopper that she's proud to be from Massachusetts.

Message to the moonbat:

You're not from Massachusetts.

You can pretend you're Cherokee, or that you can practice law in Massachusetts without registering with the state bar, but when you look at us and say you're proud to be from here, it's just another lie.

And you're certainly not like the middle class you so love to say you advocate.

You are a carpetbagging left wing lunatic propped up by the Democratic National Committee to take back what they consider theirs: Ted Kennedy's seat.

As Scott Brown reminded Martha Coakley two years ago:
"It's not Ted Kennedy's seat, it's not the Democrat's seat, it's the people's seat."
She also once again countered Brown's National Guard service with her three brothers military service. That's all well and good, but it doesn't make you a veteran, professor.

What's next, will she claim that one of her brothers was a Windtalker too?

And continuing her robotic sound bite-over rehearsed- in the box pre-programmed routine last night, Warren kept to the script. Because she cannot function otherwise.

Warren spouted the word "invest" so many times last night in the so-called debate it was highly predictable. During one of her canned answers, I turned to my 12 year old daughter and said, listen, she's gonna say "investment" and like clockwork Granny Warren delivered.

In case you aren't familiar with what "investment" means, especially to us here in Massachusetts, it means one thing "TAXES".

Former Mass Governor (and failed presidential candidate) Mike Dukakis was one who used this word "liberally". (Pun intended)

This should now be known as InvestmentsTAXES because that's what these lefties mean when they give you the doe eyes and tell you how we need to invest in our future.

And InvestmentsTAXES means to take away from those who work and give it to those who don't.

If you've watched these three debates and followed this campaign then the choice is clear:

Scott Brown has proved he is a moderate willing to work with both parties to make progress and he is unwilling to raise taxes or make compromises that don't work for everyone.

The Blunt amendment has been a centerpiece of this debate. At issue is Warren's claim that Brown voted against women's rights by voting against the Blunt amendment. Brown counters that the amendment would have forced some religious institutions into paying for contraception which is against their belief system.

Whether or not you feel that insurance companies should be mandated to pay for birth control is not the issue here, it's whether institutions like the Catholic Church should be forced to comply with an agenda that they do not support.

Remember freedom of religion?

That is why Scott Brown voted against the amendment, not some silly fictitious "war against women". Brown is pro choice and has not wavered from that stance, Warren is trying to stick this on him but it isn't working like everything other distortion of Brown's voting record she's tried.

Warren appeals to the hard left who are anti-business and largely anti-American. These are the Massachusetts liberals we fondly call moonbats who have abandoned all sense and reason and spew their "it's for our children or future generations" mantra whenever they tell you we need to "invest" in something.

They hate anything patriotic and will tell you that business, commerce and capitalism are evil.

If you are an independent or a blue collar Democrat (which is a large majority here in Massachusetts) you have a clear choice: 

Warren who is hell bent on marching us to the land of socialism or Brown who is actually working for the people.

You decide Massachusetts.

Show the country we have some common sense and return Scott Brown to the United States Senate.

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