Monday, October 22, 2012

The Scariest Thing You Will See This Halloween In Massachusetts

The most frightening thing this year as Halloween approaches, is an  Elizabeth Warren yard sign in front of someone's house.
I had to include a Scott Brown sign to balance the fear factor
This is for for all you old school Democrats that have voted the party all your life because you've believed that the Democratic Party represents your best interests.

I've heard what "JFK Democrats" think:

"I will never vote for a Republican. The Democrats are for the working man."

Folks, today's Democratic Party has abandoned you. Candidates like Elizabeth Warren are dangerous to our country.

Warren is a socialist.

Remember, she was touting "You didn't build that" before President Obama.

And for those of who like to say that phrase was taken out of context:
There is no context to that statement.
It is plain and simply an insult to those who have ever built anything.

We all know nobody can create anything on their own, but that's not what Warren and her ilk are saying, they're telling you that without the government, you wouldn't have the resources to build a business. That is dangerous thinking. The government does not exist to allow people to prosper, and hidden in Warren's message is the idiom to "pay it forward to the next kid who comes along".

What Warren means is to "spread the wealth around" and not by being charitable, but to mandate it.

Elizabeth Warren is a socialist hell bent on pushing more and more regulations and restrictions on businesses. And don't fall for that Wall Street jive she spews, this woman is nothing but an exploitative money grubbing carpetbagger propped up by the Democrats to win a Senate seat.

She has repeatedly thumbed her nose at the rules and the right thing to do.
She is nothing more than another tax and spend plutocrat who will further damage growth and the economy.
She is not for the "working man" as the old school Democrats were.
She's a do as I say not as I do phony who has no right to be where she is.

She stole her position.

For you hard core Democrats that cannot vote for a Republican just because he is a Republican, please think of this:

Consider what's best for the COUNTRY -  NOT THE PARTY.

I stopped supporting the Boston Red Sox because I do not like the ownership and management. I was a lifelong Red Sox fan and because I do not like the direction they've gone for the past four or five years, so what did I do?

I stopped supporting them.


Because they don't care about the average fan.

The Boston Bruins did the same thing for years and years and I stopped supporting them too.

But you know what happened? The Bruins got new management that recognized the issues, dealt with them and won back the fans, myself included.

What has the Democratic Party done for this country that shows you, the average hard working American that they are working in your best interest?

Not a whole lot.

The Democratic Party does not deserve your support.
This is the party of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barack Obama and others who want more and more hard working taxpayers to support programs that encourage people not to work and produce.

I want no part of that, and neither did President Kennedy:

"And so, my fellow Americans: Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country."
Now compare that speech to Warren's "You didn't build that" speech.

Gee this is really inspiring. If you believe in socialism

If you are supporting Elizabeth Warren just because she is a Democrat consider this:

  • Elizabeth Warren used Affirmative Action to obtain positions that she had no right to.If you dismiss her claims of being Native American as she simply believed what her parents told her, you are not only supporting a gross lie, you are harming Native Americans by endorsing someone who blatantly stole from them.
  • Democrats are supposed to stand up for the downtrodden, the disadvantaged and the exploited. Nobody has been more downtrodden, disadvantaged and exploited than Native Americans.We all know the history, the sad part is Native Americans continue to be marginalized in this country to this day.
  • Native Americans have been ignored in this campaign by Warren who has yet to meet with those who have requested to meet with her or to apologize for her exploitation and lies.
  • For all the so-called advancements this country has made with regard to minorities, the glaring exception are Native Americans. A vote for Elizabeth Warren continues and reinforces that shameful narrative.
  • For those of you who think that the casino business has enriched the lives of Native Americans, guess again, more Native Americans live in poverty than those who prosper because of the casinos. And if you haven't been paying attention, the casino business isn't exactly robust these days.
  • Once again, Professor William Jacobson exposes Warren's lies and misdirections. His latest piece is rather lengthy and intricate, but again proves Warren lied and misled about her involvement with Travelers Insurance.
  • David Cornsilk, Cherokee, eloquently describes why Warren's campaign and the support is has received from Democrats is harmful to Native Americans.

Don't vote for Warren simply because she is a Democrat and you can't bring yourself to vote Republican.

That's like rooting for John Henry, Larry Lucchino and Harry Sinden all rolled into one. None of them ever cared about the fans, and Warren doesn't care about the middle class either. Has she appeared on anything that isn't staged and controlled? She certainly hasn't impressed in the debates. All she is capable of giving for answers are pre-rehearsed canned responses that we've all heard ad nauseum.

Scott Brown is the kind of Senator and member of Congress that this country needs, he is more bipartisan than any current Massachusetts member of Congress.

This country does not need another hard left uncompromising liberal socialist further damaging our economy and growth. Elizabeth Warren will not work with Republicans in Congress, she will work against them therefore further polarizing and paralyzing this nation.

As Senator Scott Brown's ads have been saying, Elizabeth Warren is not who she says she is, but she is a socialist that will cost us all more money and cost people more jobs.

Oh, and as for the yard signs being frightening?
Consider this, Warren is running for the United States Senate.
If you're outside of Massachusetts, you should be scared too.

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