Monday, October 15, 2012

Sharman Sachetti and Liz Warren Round 2

Fox 25 Boston reporter Sharman Sacchetti who was the first (and I believe only) Boston news reporter to directly question Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren about her false claim to Native American heritage, has gotten Warren flustered once again.

Here is the story I wrote and the video where Warren avoids answering Sacchetti's questions.

In this new video, Sacchetti questions Warren about union members being forced to campaign on her behalf or face fines.

Here is the video of a union member claiming that they would be fined if they didn't appear:

Warren simply could have answered that she has no idea about it or has nothing to do with it and moved on.

But not Elizabeth Warren!

She has to spout off her canned, tired, regurgitated dreck that she recycles with virtually every answer.

Then Warren got testy when Sacchetti pressed for an actual answer...

Not only is Warren incapable (and unwilling) of answering even the most simple questions, she has to turn it into a confrontation with Sacchetti who Warren is clearly annoyed with.

But even in annoyance mode Warren still can't answer a damn question without going into campaignspeak.

I can't understand how anyone can support this colossal fraud.

Update:  Thanks to Sharman Sacchetti for providing this link to the interview!

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