Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Boston Globe Strikes Again!

How The Story Is Played In Boston About The Queen of Hypocrisy

On the heels of the news that Elizabeth Warren has been practicing law in Massachusetts without a license for many years, it now comes to light that the self-described champion of the middle class has yet another contradiction to deal with.

It seems the professor had defended another corporation against lawsuits brought on by the very people she pretends to advocate. First there was Traveler's Insurance, now it's LTV Steel Warren has to answer for.

All this while not legally licensed to practice law in the State of Massachusetts.

But the amazing part of this story is how both Boston newspapers handled it, at least online.

The Boston Herald has it on the front page with the headline:

Miner: Elizabeth Warren’s biz ‘hypocritical’

The Boston Globe sees it very differently:

Warren aided mining firm

In the 1990s, Elizabeth Warren helped LTV Steel fight a congressional requirement that it pay millions into a fund for its retired coal miners’ health care.

Notice the little Old English "B" there next to the headline?
If you click the link above, you will be brought to a registration screen.
Well that means the story is behind the Globe's paywall.
In the Metro section.

For the Globe to bury this story in the Metro section in a heated and important election is disgraceful and irresponsible.

The Globe grudgingly printed the story but made it hard for the average person who is not going to pay access to read. Problem is, those who pay for the Globe are likely Warren's supporters.

We'll see if the Globe has any credibility when they endorse their choice for Senate.

Update:  Again, the Globe puts this as the head story on its website about 2 people, excuse me GOP STAFFERS!!!!! mocking Warren with tomahawk chops which is insulting and shameful. Yet, the story about her repping for a big company to deny benefits to workers is buried the metro section behind the paywall. 

Shame on you Boston Globe.

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