Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Facebook Comments

We're all on Facebook these days and there's no shortage of those pictures that get shared from some anonymous FB group account everyone comments on.

You know the ones, they have names like Derps Against Breathing or We Need 100,000 Likes To Make Absolutely Nothing Happen  or even worse Click Like on this picture in 2 seconds and watch Mona Lisa vomit.
Whether political or cute, warm and fuzzy or pithy, you see them every day.

Somebody or some page puts up one of these and they go viral.
Some of them are clever, most of them are just plain stupid and a waste of time.

What gets me is when you see the number of comments these posts amass. I understand clicking Like as some of them are very cool.

Not this one though. They couldn't even spell "comments" right.

What I don't understand is the ones that have 35,215 comments and you see a notification in your feed that one of your friends commented on one of these photos.

It's equivalent to shouting into an empty tunnel.

Or more appropriate:

If there's that many comments on something and you add your pearls of wisdom to the mix, here's a tip:


It's pretty much the same thing with online newspaper or magazine and blogs comments. The first 20 or so will get the most attention and usually are interesting to read. Once the comment section grows to 100 or more it's all white noise.

Especially in political articles.

The only thing that most websites have going over Facebook is you can actually sort comments by likes and dislikes. You can skip all the boring ones. With Facebook it's all just an empty chasm.

With that I leave you this:

This should draw 35,276 comments

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