Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Boston Globe Strikes Again!

How The Story Is Played In Boston About The Queen of Hypocrisy

On the heels of the news that Elizabeth Warren has been practicing law in Massachusetts without a license for many years, it now comes to light that the self-described champion of the middle class has yet another contradiction to deal with.

It seems the professor had defended another corporation against lawsuits brought on by the very people she pretends to advocate. First there was Traveler's Insurance, now it's LTV Steel Warren has to answer for.

All this while not legally licensed to practice law in the State of Massachusetts.

But the amazing part of this story is how both Boston newspapers handled it, at least online.

The Boston Herald has it on the front page with the headline:

Miner: Elizabeth Warren’s biz ‘hypocritical’

The Boston Globe sees it very differently:

Warren aided mining firm

In the 1990s, Elizabeth Warren helped LTV Steel fight a congressional requirement that it pay millions into a fund for its retired coal miners’ health care.

Notice the little Old English "B" there next to the headline?
If you click the link above, you will be brought to a registration screen.
Well that means the story is behind the Globe's paywall.
In the Metro section.

For the Globe to bury this story in the Metro section in a heated and important election is disgraceful and irresponsible.

The Globe grudgingly printed the story but made it hard for the average person who is not going to pay access to read. Problem is, those who pay for the Globe are likely Warren's supporters.

We'll see if the Globe has any credibility when they endorse their choice for Senate.

Update:  Again, the Globe puts this as the head story on its website about 2 people, excuse me GOP STAFFERS!!!!! mocking Warren with tomahawk chops which is insulting and shameful. Yet, the story about her repping for a big company to deny benefits to workers is buried the metro section behind the paywall. 

Shame on you Boston Globe.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Brown - Warren Round 1

Well the much anticipated Massachusetts Senate debate between Senator Scott Brown and Democrat opponent Professor Elizabeth Warren finally happened last night with Senator Brown clearly and decisively trouncing a flustered Warren.

Her hands were visibly shaking at several points throughout the hour long debate.

The so-called high school debate champion tried her best to suppress her shrieking nanny finger waving "I know what's best for you" persona, but it bled through the squelched down version she tried to present in the debate.

Her incessant mugging shown on the split screen shots while Sen. Brown would rebut or present his case clearly did not come off well, but does reflect who she really is; a shrieking nanny finger waving "I know what's best for you" fraud.

Let's recap:

First national disgrace Nevada Senator "Dirty" Harry Reid (apologies to Clint Eastwood) played some games to delay votes in the Senate to apparently rattle Senator Brown's cage and then make another outrageous claim that Brown was stalling to avoid the debate.

Senator Reid earns the nickname because he likes to play dirty by floating stories about presidential candidate Mitt Romney not paying taxes without any proof. Yesterday, Dirty Harry delayed votes in the Senate which almost caused Senator Brown to have to cancel appearing in Boston for the debates.

Imagine how much fun the Democrats would have had had Reid's little ruse worked.
"It's obvious to me what's going on," Reid said. "I've been to a few of these rodeos. It is obvious there is big stall taking place. One of the senators who had a debate tonight doesn't want to debate. Well he can't use the Senate as an excuse. There will be no more votes today.
Apparently Reid thinks everyone is stupid and will swallow that line of bull that Scott Brown was trying to duck the debate just like his claim that Mitt Romney didn't pay taxes.

If anyone is doing any ducking here, it's Warren who has ducked any local media who aren't worshiping her and she has avoided speaking to Native Americans who she once claimed she wanted to have luncheons with.

She hasn't answered a question yet.

What a phony.

Senator Brown showed up to the debate and immediately pounced on Warren's false ancestry claims. Now I will say that Senator Brown at times was a little hurried in his delivery, but overall did a very good job, especially when refuting Warren's token scare tactics one by one.

"Stop scaring women" was a great line he used a few times to thwart Warren's distortions of his voting record and stance on issues.

Brown iterated that character is indeed an issue when making a choice to elect someone to the United States Senate. And he correctly pointed out that Warren's credibility as a candidate is questionable given her career advancement was likely based on her claims to be Native American. To which she again offered no proof or explanation other than her boiler plate dismissal of family lore which she once again recited and once again refused to answer the question directly.

To those of you who take this lightly, I say you are making a big mistake to not take this into account. Elizabeth Warren's whole career should be in question and her ethics are certainly an issue when she refuses time and again to take this head on. She is clearly lying.

To say "what child questions their parents" is an insult as she started claiming Native Ancestry in her 30's to advance her career. Bull.

And if you think this is going away, read this. Native Americans, with whom she has at least twice refused to meet publicly, are not going to let this rest. And rightfully so. And neither should Senator Brown.

Senator Brown then put Warren into the box she belongs, a tax and spend Democrat with no positions other than hard party lines.

Warren simply parrots her television commercial sound bites and regurgitates the same old drivel she's been spouting since day 1 of her poorly conceived campaign. Her message is the same as the Obama campaign, class warfare.

She trotted out the holy trinity of Democratic scare mongering by invoking the Police-Fire and Teacher meme that they all use to scare voters into submission.

She used the big oil and Wall Street bogeymen and the ubiquitous and ever present "War on Women" which like the emperor, has no clothes.

Warren tried to paste the Blunt Amendment vote as a negative and Senator Brown twice referenced how he positioned himself as the late Senator Ted Kennedy had for protection of religious beliefs and contraception. Warren then used a "how dare you" posture to invoke the name of Ted Kennedy.
“You should stop scaring women, professor. Because I’ve been fighting for women since I was six years old. I’m going to continue to make sure they have that care and coverage. But I’m not going to pit women against their church and their faith and allow… I have the same position as Senator Kennedy in providing a conscience exemption that allows Catholics in particular, churches, hospitals, health care facilities that practice faith to have that ability to not provide certain care and coverages.” - Senator Scott Brown
All of Warren's answers were canned responses that anyone who has listened to her even the tiniest bit has heard over and over again.

Round 1 to Scott Brown who scored big points by pointing out that he is none of the things Warren tried to paint and is clearly the better choice.

Brown has proven to be a bipartisan politician, much to the chagrin of many Republicans. People need to understand Brown cannot win in Massachusetts as a hard right pol which is not what he is anyway.

Warren has proven that she is not one for compromise and will go hard left.

What do you want voters, a Senator who will refuse to compromise, is a socialist, will advocate more taxes at every turn or a Senator who has a proven track record of working with both sides?

This country will get nowhere with polarization which is what Warren will bring.

Once Around

One Lucky Dog

Brandi is a very lucky dog

Beacher Hackney, however is not.

I ain't saying a thing...

irony 3 A heavy dose of irony (24 Photos)

Well Played Amigo

Killer Popcorn

Jury awards $7 million to popcorn inhaler.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Facebook Comments

We're all on Facebook these days and there's no shortage of those pictures that get shared from some anonymous FB group account everyone comments on.

You know the ones, they have names like Derps Against Breathing or We Need 100,000 Likes To Make Absolutely Nothing Happen  or even worse Click Like on this picture in 2 seconds and watch Mona Lisa vomit.
Whether political or cute, warm and fuzzy or pithy, you see them every day.

Somebody or some page puts up one of these and they go viral.
Some of them are clever, most of them are just plain stupid and a waste of time.

What gets me is when you see the number of comments these posts amass. I understand clicking Like as some of them are very cool.

Not this one though. They couldn't even spell "comments" right.

What I don't understand is the ones that have 35,215 comments and you see a notification in your feed that one of your friends commented on one of these photos.

It's equivalent to shouting into an empty tunnel.

Or more appropriate:

If there's that many comments on something and you add your pearls of wisdom to the mix, here's a tip:


It's pretty much the same thing with online newspaper or magazine and blogs comments. The first 20 or so will get the most attention and usually are interesting to read. Once the comment section grows to 100 or more it's all white noise.

Especially in political articles.

The only thing that most websites have going over Facebook is you can actually sort comments by likes and dislikes. You can skip all the boring ones. With Facebook it's all just an empty chasm.

With that I leave you this:

This should draw 35,276 comments

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

RIP Steve Sabol

NFL Films legend Steve Sabol has lost his fight with brain cancer today.

Terrific quote when his father, (who has survived his son) Ed Sabol was announced for induction to the NFL Hall of Fame:
"My dad has a great expression; Tell me a fact, and I'll learn. Tell me a truth and I'll believe. But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever. And now my Dad's story will be in Canton and hopefully that will live forever too."

Steve Sabol October 2, 1942- September 18, 2012

Friday, September 14, 2012

Once Around

He Is Expected To Pull Through


The Elitist Sandwich is a Privilege of White People

So now the old classic PB&J is "White Privilege"??? Having a sandwich is is racist and elitist according to Verenice Gutierrez, a Portland, Oregon K-8 school principal. This is socialism run amok folks.

This is now snobby elitist snobby food, er I mean cuisine

“What about Somali or Hispanic students, who might not eat sandwiches?,” she said. “Another way would be to say: ‘Americans eat peanut butter and jelly, do you have anything like that?’ Let them tell you. Maybe they eat torta. Or pita.”Verenice Gutierrez champion of the downtrodden
 How To Beat The NYC Soda Ban

No Steroids Were Involved In The Making Of These Arms

Bet all the chicks dig these guns

Good Point

Well Played

Have an awesome weekend!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

World's Oldest Color Film Found

This is very cool. A color (or colour) film identified as being made in 1902 was found in England in the National Media Museum in Bradford.

Link to the story and video here

A shorter version of the story and video here

Here is the video from the National Media Museum

Geddy Lee Interviews

Continuing my late blooming obsession with Rush, here are two great interviews with bassist Geddy Lee.
One is short and sweet, the other is 22 minutes long and worth viewing.

The long is from Canada's CBC News show Manbridge One on One.

Mansbridge One on One - Geddy Lee

The short one is Grammy.com here.

Great insight into what makes them tick and how they've managed to stick around for over 38 years.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Enough With The "Religion of Outrage"

In the wake of the senseless murders of US Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three others at a US consulate in Benghazi, Libya, I found this tidbit on the AP website in the on this date in history section:

2006In a speech in his native Germany, Pope Benedict XVI quoted from an obscure medieval text that characterized some teachings of Islam's founder as "evil and inhuman," unleashing a torrent of rage across the Islamic world.
US Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens
 The attack on the US Embassy was triggered by reaction to a YouTube video titled Innocence of Muslims created by Sam Bacile (which sounds like imbecile) who is described as anti-Islamic. The centerpiece of this "outrage" is this cheesy, idiotic video that these maniacs somehow associate with all Americans. Here is a trailer of the video that sparked the incident in Libya and another in Cairo:

I compare this what we commonly see on news broadcasts, protesters or whatever you want to call them burning the American flag or some political figure in effigy.

How many times have we seen this scenario?
Do we then see hordes of American lunatics storming the embassies of these countries, ripping down their flags and murdering their ambassadors?

The answer obviously is a resounding no.

Flag and effigy burning doesn't sit well with most people, but Americans certainly don't take to the streets and commit these senseless acts of rage and violence.

But extremist Islamists do.

In this case, someone posts a YouTube video that sparks "outrage" (that word I think is becoming the most dangerous word there is) and they attack an embassy and kill four innocent people who have nothing to do with the video.

Also in this case, instead of just burning the American flag or an effigy, they murdered Ambassador Stevens and three others and carried Ambassador Stevens' body through the streets.

Where is the "outrage" in the Muslim community to condemn this behavior and stop the violence?
Where is the common sense?
Why can't they simply condemn the video as what it is, a piece of trash and move on?

When Salman Rushdie wrote the Satanic Verses in 1988, it also sparked "outrage" in the Muslim world and a fatwa was issued condemning Rushdie to death.

Why not condemn Sam Bacile?

I just don't understand why innocent people have to murdered in the name of defending whatever belief it is that anyone has.

And Salman Rushdie is still alive.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Rush. What A Show

I had the pleasure of seeing the band Rush for the first time Friday night in Manchester, NH. It was the first show of the 2012 Clockwork Angels Tour, and it was a tremendous experience.

For those unfamiliar or haven't followed Rush, the current lineup of bassist Geddy Lee,  guitarist Alex Lifeson and drummer Neil Peart, started in 1974. (earlier incarnations of the band began in 1968). These guys are all 59, Peart turns 60 on Wednesday and they are not showing any signs of slowing down.

Lee has lost a bit of range from his trademark high voice and compensates here and there on some songs, but I'll tell you, these guys put on a show that brings it as good as it gets.

These guys are not ready for the rocking chair!

What is great about this trio is they are all amazing musicians and all three are definitely up there with the greatest with respect to their instruments. Some bands can boast having a great drummer, vocalist, bass player or guitarist, but it is rare to have all band members having such a high degree of talent on the same team and last as long.

Rush is also third all time for consecutive gold or platinum records behind The Beatles and The Rolling Stones respectively. That's pretty impressive. And pretty surprising considering most people don't consider Rush up that high on the list of all time greats.

Well, let me tell you. they belong there.

I know that many people aren't crazy about Rush for a variety of reasons. There's the "you either love 'm or hate 'em" theme that's been around since they started.

I've was never in either camp. I always respected them for their talents and liked a lot of their songs, but never really "got into" them.

I don't know what got into me lately, but for some reason I just started "getting into" them and lo and behold, they just happened to be playing September 7 in my area. So I bought two tickets and dragged my wife along. Now in all fairness, my wife really has no idea of most of Rush's catalog although she did know a couple of songs. In all, it was a long night for her because of that and she's not really into that kind of music. That said, she did have a good time and enjoyed the show except that it was 3 hours long (which I warned her about) and they also shot off some fireworks that scared the crap out of her.

I'm not going to try and convert of convince anyone that they should "get into" Rush, but I'll tell you what I saw:
  1. They are one of the greatest live acts you will ever see. What you hear recorded is what you see live. 
  2. The show is always entertaining with a central theme with a ton of interesting background video which always features the guys as some crazy characters.
  3. Three guys who really, really love what they're doing, are excellent at what they do, and really enjoy playing with each other and love their fans.
  4. Alex Lifeson. Wow. I always said, "well he's a great guitarist, but I'm not crazy about the solos he does." I have a new respect for him now that I've seen him live. Not only is he a truly great guitarist, his solos are amazing and really do fit with the music. I was so wrong about him all these years. In fact, I really thing that's the main reason I never really "got into" Rush.
  5. Their new material from Clockwork Angels is terrific. Most bands or artists that have been around as long Rush never really reach the heights they achieved earlier on that made them big. Jimmy Buffet comes to mind here... Rush are still writing great songs and have not lost one bit of the passion that drives them.
  6. Through all the years and all the changes, they never changed the core of who and what they are.
In all, I highly recommend anyone who is enjoys seeing musicians who are simply masters at their craft to GO SEE RUSH.

You won't be disappointed.

Here is a video of them playing the song YYZ from the 2011 Time Machine Tour

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Elizabeth Warren Continues Her Campaign of Falsehood

So, Professor Warren stated in her speech to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte last night:
“People feel like the system is rigged against them. And here’s the painful part: They’re right.”
Yes they are Professor. The system is rigged. So much so that you yourself falsely self identified as a Cherokee to advance your career to get where you are today.

Warren's claims have been proven false again and again.

Nothing is more poignant than Cherokee genealogist Twila Barnes' open letter to Warren in May.

For those of you new to the fraud please read Professor William Jacobson's piece on his excellent blog Legal Insurrection.

He embedded the video below to drive home the point:

She is quoted as saying she identified herself as Native American to meet with those like her:
“I listed myself in the directory in the hopes that it might mean that I would be invited to a luncheon, a group something that might happen with people who are like I am. Nothing like that ever happened, that was clearly not the use for it and so I stopped checking it off”
"Native American has been a part of my story, I guess since the day I was born, I don’t know any other way to describe it.” Elizabeth Warren. Not a Cherokee.
 Yet she has repeatedly refused to meet with Cherokees and recently snubbed a Democratic Native American group who requested a meeting at the DNC in Charlotte Tuesday and ducks the issue because it continues to dog her and has poisoned her campaign.

May it continue right up until November 6th.

Warren is a liar and a fraud folks and does not deserve to be elected to the United Stated Senate.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Once Around

I knew Guinness was good, but very surprised to learn how good. And a tremendous company to work for. Very innovative and ahead of their time.

I guess this is a beer theme. Not a bad thing.

I don't know how good this beer is but the commercial is hilarious

Meanwhile in India




Annnnd here in America


Taxes Are Nothing New

On this date in:
Russia's Peter the Great imposed a tax on beards.

Aaron  from Fast N' Loud would not be happy about that!
And Lap Dances Might be Taxable Today
Today, a New York court decides if lap dances are an art form and therefore tax exempt.