Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Some Cool Stuff

Jay Leno Gets Weak In The Knees

Dennis Miller gets a mealy mouth defense of the so-called Republican's war on women from Jay Leno:

Leno:  "I think he (Obama) has compassion for regular people, if the Republican Party is missing anything it's this sort of, War on Women."

Really Jay? "This sort of war on women" Grow a pair if you believe in the bs your spewing instead of hedging like a weasel because you knew Miller was going to skewer you. Good lord what a wuss.

Meanwhile, Miller killed with this line: "I wanna help the helpless, but I don't give a rat's ass about the clueless anymore, Jay."

The Count is a Very Cool Cat

Danny Koker Net Worth
This guy will build you a car or a bike, feed, entertain and tattoo you
Fans of the History Channel's Pawn Stars know Count Danny Koker is the guy they call in when anything with a motor needs to be valuated. Check out this story about the Count from the Las Vegas Review- Journal published last May. The Count's got quite the little empire going out there in Vegas.

What I like about the Count is he comes off as a very likable guy. He really seems like he's a down to earth regular good egg. I was very surprised to see what a savvy entrepreneur he is.

Koker now has his own show on History Channel called Counting Cars. Very Cool.

The Beard Rules

Another show that is very cool is Discovery Channel's Fast N' Loud. The show is about two guys who run a garage in Dallas Texas called Gas Monkey Garage. Owner Richard Rawlings  and master mechanic  Aaron Kaufman run around buying old (especially 2 door) cars and as they put it, slam 'em and sell 'em at auctions or to private buyers. The show tracks how much they spend and make on each project and is a lot of fun to watch. 

They are both hard working hustlers who are sharp operators. 
And Aaron's beard rocks.

That beard can probably fix a flat tire
Warren Blogs For The Boston Herald. Gets Slammed Daily.

The Boston Herald, which is no secret to locals, is a right leaning publication. To their credit (and probably their amusement) they have Massachusetts Senate candidate failure Elizabeth Warren covering the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida. Warren is getting absolutely hammered (to use her favorite term) in the comments section.
I predict she is going to lose by double digits unless Senator Scott Brown goes on a commando rampage and wipes out a village.

Happy Birthday Ingrid Bergman August 29, 1915 - August 30, 1982

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