Friday, August 3, 2012

Revenge. Vermont Style

This (unless you work for the Newport Vermont Sherrif's Department) will make your day.

A local farmer, upset that he had been arrested for marijuana posession and resisting arrest (that should have been a clue) in July exacted his revenge by driving a Case MX 255 tractor to the police station and flattening 6 police cruisers in the parking lot.

Also great for crushing police cruisers!

Nobody inside the station was aware of the carnage because they had the windows closed and the air conditioning on which masked the noise outside. Until someone called 911 to alert the police, they had no idea that Roger Pion, 34 of Newport Vermont was out in the parking lot having his own personal demolition Derby. (Locals will get the capitalization of Derby. It's a pun. The next town over is Derby VT where I just happen to be. I have a vacation home up here. I can't wait to drive by later on today.)

The hilarity continued as a worker across the street described it this way:
The spectacle was witnessed by United Christian Academy senior Mark Quirion, 17, of Coventry, who works at the Mountain Farm View Stand across the road. He noticed the tractor but thought nothing of it, having seen the same piece of machinery travel the same road on prior occasions. When the tractor turned into the sheriff's station, Mark said, “I saw him back it up some and then drive it up and over the top of one of the cars parked in the lot. It was then that I really knew something very unusual was going on at the sheriff's station.”
Awesome: "It was then that I really knew something very unusual was going on at the sherriff's station."
Yep, a guy on a huge tractor running over police cruisers would correctly be categorized as unusual.

Sure, we can use 'em as convertibles now, but you do know it gets really cold up here in the winter?
By the way, is that cop actually laughing????

Then the story gets even better:

By this time, Mark Quirion had made his way from the stand to a closer vantage point across the road. From there, he saw Pion go up and over the car pile and then reverse back over it. At that point, Pion exited the station.With the cruisers crushed, most deputies pursued the tractor by foot; but two others, who had been out with their cruiser, returned and gave chase. They were joined by civilian Mike Riendeau, whose car had been commandeer by deputies in pursuit with Riendeau as driver.Pion was finally apprehended at gunpoint on The Causeway in Newport in front of Passumpsic Bank, where he put the tractor into reverse, causing the pursuit vehicle to take evasive action and cause another minor collision.

The guy had to stopped at gunpoint!! He was one angry farmer!!

Well they'll definitely fit under drive through now

If only they had known that he was going to do this monster truck style, they coulda sold some tickets

Roger Pion, 34 Angry Farmer

Mr. Pilon is being held on $15,000 bail. Maybe he can use the tractor as collateral!

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