Friday, July 27, 2012

Once Around

Only Rodney Dangerfield could come up with something like this:
Rodney Dangerfield
He was recognized by the Smithsonian Institution, which put one of his trademark white shirts and red ties on display. When he handed the shirt to the museum's curator, Rodney joked, "I have a feeling you're going to use this to clean Lindbergh's plane."

And only Dangerfield could have a headstone like this:


‎'Speaking to CBS' Charlie Rose, Obama said in a 2nd term, would "need to do a better job" explaining where he's taking US.' 

That's like Captain Francesco Schettino telling cruise ship passengers he'll do a better job on the next trip

"The captain was hitting golf balls off the stern when we hit the rocks sir" 

Haha, Madonna bombs in France and gets called "Salope" which translates to a not very nice term.
Maybe Louis "Calypso Louie" Farrakhan shouldn't open a restaurant either.

A little faith in humanity restoreda, lenovo, ceo, yanqing
Very cool. Story here

For more of these great classic photos click here

Guess who gets the last laugh?

And finally

Major kudos to Christian Bale for visiting shooting victims in Aurora CO this week. Class act.

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