Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Media Bias Boston Style

One of the things you experience living in Massachusetts is the blatant media bias slanted toward any Democrat. I'm sure most of you are aware that MA is a blue state, but how much is the question.

Jon Keller, WBZ Boston News political analyst wrote a book about this called The Bluest State: How Democrats Created the Massachusetts Blueprint for American Political Disaster

The breakdown of state representatives goes like this:

(Shading indicates majority caucus)
End of Previous Legislature144161600
June 24, 2011[4]1271591
July 13, 2011[5]1261582
June 24, 2011[6]331591
October 18, 2011[7]1271600
October 18, 2011[8]1261591
Latest voting share79.4%20.6%
Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Massachusetts_House_of_Representatives#Composition

Just to reiterate the numbers: 79% of the reps in Massachusetts are Democrats!

It's even worse in the state senate with an almost 90% Democratic majority:

(Shading indicates majority caucus)
End of previous legislature355400
October 13, 2011[2]35391
January 10, 2012[3]36400
April 2, 2012[4]35391
Latest voting share89.7%10.3%
Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Massachusetts_Senate#Composition

The focus of this piece today is not the party affiliation of Massachusetts politicians, but the media bias of the largest newspaper in the state, The Boston Globe. The above information is just to illustrate how slanted this state is with regard to representation.

By now, if you've followed this blog, you know I am no supporter of Elizabeth Warren. I have emailed the political editor of the Boston Globe privately and chided them about their coverage. The editor insists that they have covered the story about her claims to her heritage and her hiring at Harvard University as fair and thorough.

I disagree.

Here is one excellent example of how in the tank the Globe is for Warren:

Yesterday, Globe reporter Farah Stockman contacted Twila Barnes, a noted Cherokee genealogist who is mainly credited as the source that has proven Warren's claims to be questionable at best.

Stockman contacted Ms. Barnes because she was researching a piece that was published in yesterday's Globe entitled Elizabeth Warren's Wetumka Roots. This article, published behind the Globe's online paywall, was basically written to discredit anything Ms. Barnes has said and written and to portray the whole controversy as a muddied issue hinting that Warren should be exonerated from all the scrutiny.

Thankfully, Ms. Barnes has refuted Stockman's tripe filled missive with another well written well documented reply on her blog, Thoughts From Polly's Granddaughter. The piece is entitled A Cherokee Can't be Found Because A Cherokee Isn't There.

An excerpt from Stockman's propaganda piece:

Race classifications on census records aren’t infallible, according to Billy J. Osborn, author of “Wetumka: A Centennial History.’’
“It is very difficult to determine who is and who isn’t an Indian,” he said.

The basis of Stockman's article is that records for Native Americans are sketchy at best so you really shouldn't be giving much credence to all these Indians and everyone else who doubts St. Elizabeth's claim.

Thankfully, Twila Barnes refutes this article piece by piece with these things called 'Facts'. These are things the Boston Globe tends to ignore when things look bad for one of their darlings.

An excerpt from Ms. Barnes blog:

Did Cherokees refuse to enroll? Yes. Were they enrolled anyway? Yes. Does Farah bother to tell her readers this? No. Does she bother to tell her readers that those who opposed allotment were the Nighthawks, often full bloods, always traditional? No. Does she tell her readers that some Cherokees who tried to avoid allotment were arrested and forced to enroll? No. What she does is apparently try to lead her readers into believing there were people everywhere who refused to enroll so today their descendants are cut out of being able to claim their ancestry. This is not true.There are Cherokee descendants who are not eligible to register with any of the three federally recognized tribes. Some because their blood quantum is too low to meet the minimum required amount and others because they don't have an ancestor on the Dawes Roll but they still have ancestors found on other historical Cherokee rolls. We know this. No one disputes this. But Elizabeth Warren is not one of these people.

After all, Warren's mother told her so, so it must be true.

The litany of lies is dizzying:

Warren is either a pathological liar or completely delusional. You decide.

I personally can't wait for her debates with Senator Scott Brown to see what other whoppers will come out.

We all want honest government even though we all know that's pretty much a pipe dream especially here in Massachusetts. But, when the opportunity arises to expose someone for what they are and not what they pretend, it is incumbent on us as citizens to remove them as viable candidates for public office.

Getting back to the main thrust of this piece, if anyone tries to tell you that the Boston Globe is the paper of record in Massachusetts, they are likely one who blindly goes into the voting booth and pulls the lever for anyone with a D after their name. The reason this phenomenon occurs to this day is the myth that "Democrats are for the working man. Republicans are for the rich" still lives here in the Bay State.
That may have been true in the 50's and 60's but over time the Democrats have devolved into the party for shameless left wing lunatics who know what's better for you that you.

One other thing to note about the political breakdown in Massachusetts:

The last three successive Speakers of The House are all convicted felons.

Thankfully, we still have The Boston Herald.

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