Wednesday, June 13, 2012

How Hard Could it Be?

Well. This one speaks for itself.

Massachusetts US Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren on wallpapering:

This is a 40 second clip of an interview that is undated, but it doesn't matter when the interview took place, it's what she says.

She's tells the interviewer about seeing a bathroom wallpapered in a friend's house and decided to wallpaper her family's bathroom.

At the end of her story Warren quotes an exchange between her and her father:

Father: "Nobody in our family knows how to wallpaper, what are you doing?"

EW:  "How hard could it be? People dumber than us do it every day!"

Once again: 

"How hard could it be? People dumber than us do it every day!"

Were these the "people" she was thinking about??
Let's just forget that this elitist snob makes $350,000 a year as a part time teacher at Harvard University, and there's more than a good chance that she got the gig by portraying herself as a minority which she isn't. 

This clip reveals Elizabeth Warren's twisted vision of how she views regular people. Which is a view that she's obviously held for quite a long time.

On top of all her other "traits" this shows Warren's sense of elitism and entitlement goes way back to her so-called "humble" roots in Oklahoma. What a fraud. I can't wait to see her in a debate. This oughta be interesting folks...

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