Monday, June 11, 2012

Enough With The Vampire Thing. Please.

So yesterday I wanted to sit in my living room while my daughter caught up with her episodes of True Blood, an HBO series about...sigh vampires.

So while I was trying not to pay attention, I couldn't help but watch some of it because I couldn't believe that HBO could put out such garbage.

Not only was this show dreadfully written and acted with a bunch of pretty girl and boy vampires and whatever the other characters are supposed to be, it was predictably just pure dreck.

The acting was just as convincing...
Can't anyone come up with a new idea instead of going over the same old tired vampire theme? I mean, if you want to give people supernatural evil powers to wreak havoc on the rest of mortal society, why the hell do they have to be vampires????

I'm not going to say I've watched True Blood or Twilight or any of the other seemingly endless parade of vampire shows and movies and I'm not about to start either.

And please, don't defend them. They're all crap.

Just when you think there's nothing these idiots could do to make this whole ridiculous vampire story line even worse, they've actually done it.

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter?

This has to be the stupidest concept of any vampire/action movie that Hollywood has ever produced. The whole vampire story has been beaten beyond death (how ironic!). For some reason, people keep buying tickets to these inane films like Twilight. I had enough when Anne Rice was writing the idiotic Interview With The Vampire books and movies. She sold millions of books...

Since then we've had Buffy The Vampire Slayer which is probably responsible for the glam vampire trend. Some genius actually pitched making a movie to some studio exec who bought into taking one of our most iconic historical figures into a vampire hunter. Really.

So now someone takes one of the most respected, iconic figures in United States history and churns out a film that depicts Abraham Lincoln as a badass axe-wielding vampire killer bent on saving the US from vampires taking over.

Who's next to be portrayed as a vampire, Babe Ruth?

Please stop, this whole theme ran out of ideas a long, long time ago.

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