Thursday, May 31, 2012

Political Arrogance

“On behalf of the people of the Commonwealth,we don’t care about that subject.” - Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick. 

Au contraire, Governor.

Yesterday, Governor Patrick made this utterly contemptible statement in response to Fox News 25 Boston reporter Sharman Sacchetti who once again confronted US Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren about her purported Native American heritage. I wrote about this last week when Sacchetti questioned Warren directly and Warren evaded the question with obviously rehearsed 'answers' which were hilarious.

On a day when Cherokees demanded Warren come clean, and were ignored and days after the ludicrous statement that she was the first woman to breastfeed while taking the bar exam in New Jersey came to light, once again Warren insisted on evading this major issue.

It is getting so bad for Warren that not only is she evading the media even when she handpicks who she speaks to, they have to resort to trickery by alerting them one hour before Governor Patrick was to endorse her for the Senate hoping reporters like Sharman Sacchetti couldn't make the press conference. Well thankfully she did. And when Sacchetti asked Warren about people questioning her character (and was booed by Warren supporters) Warren stepped aside and Patrick answered the question which included the quote above.

Arrogance. Pure arrogance. Watch the video, it'll make you sick if you have any conscience.

"You just don't like the question" Warren stammered when she meant to say "You just don't like the answer". Perhaps this was a Freudian slip? Because she certainly does not like the questions.

I'm here to tell Governor Patrick that he sure as hell doesn't speak for me.
This is a character issue which has raised many questions about Warren not only for Massachusetts voters, but also for Cherokees who are livid about Warren's claims which have nothing to do with politics. They want answers.

Cherokee genealogist Twila Barnes has researched Warren's roots back 188 years and has not found a shred of evidence that backs Warren's claims. Which by the way, Warren insists are true "because my mother told me so".

I've mentioned it before, my grandfather "told me so" that he had royal Spanish blood. So I guess I can claim I'm royalty in Warren's bizarre world. I have researched my grandfather's roots back about 100 years to Sicily and haven't found any Spanish ancestors so far. But according to Limousine Lizzy, I can say I'm royalty because my grandfather told me so.

Warren was also challenged to debate by rival Democrat Marisa DeFranco this week. Warren ducked that as well hoping that DeFranco doesn't get the 15% percent vote at this Saturday's state Democratic convention to keep her on the ballot for November's election.

The Boston Herald noting how highly unusual it is for any endorsements prior to a major party convention had this quote in today's paper:
 It’s “unusual” for a sitting governor to make a pre-primary endorsement, said Peter Ubertaccio of Stonehill College. But he said Patrick and Warren may be able to swing a delicate balancing act, achieving their goal of undercutting DeFranco while avoiding the appearance of squashing democracy. “Typically, he’s the titular head of the party and wants to stay out of the race and let party members make that decision,” Ubertaccio said. “I think he feels confident he can make this pre-convention endorsement without really upsetting members of the base of his party.”
There's just so much to this story that ain't gonna go away no matter how much Warren and Patrick try. The more they obfuscate and stonewall, the more scrutiny it brings. The mainstream media in Boston has treaded very lightly on this controversy up until this week, but even they are starting to report on this story.

Warren's claim that she's answered all the questions is just plain bull. But the middle class is getting hammered, she's sure gotten that message across.

Again, kudos to Sharman Sacchetti for having the courage to withstand Warren's supporters booing and eye rolling and staying the course. If it wasn't for her and the Herald, what Warren and the Democrats hope for, that this story would blow over would have already happened.

And I wanted to write about History Channel's excellent Hatfields and McCoys series that was on this week today. Guess that'll have to wait!

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  1. Excellent post! Stay the course. People don't understand that for us Cherokees, this is only about truth, but it is. And yes, the video is sickening.