Thursday, May 17, 2012

Curt Schilling

Curt Schilling

Just so people can't say I turn a blind eye toward conservatives or I'm biased against liberals (but they are easy targets), I have to take issue with noted Republican and former Major League Baseball pitcher Curt Schilling.

The reason? Curt espouses small government (as do I) and less government intervention (as do I) and supports free enterprise. (me too!).

Since retiring from baseball, Curt has moved on to create a video game company and moved it to the State of Rhode Island. All this with the promise of bringing jobs to RI. Not bad so far.

If Schilling's video games are so wonderful, (and it looks like maybe they aren't) I would bet there would be plenty of angel investors out there who would trip over themselves with handfuls of cash to throw his way. Apparently that wasn't the case...

It turns out that Mr. Schilling asked for and received $75 million from the State of Rhode Island to fund his venture.

Whoops. So much for government intervention. You lost me right there Curt.

Then Curt defaulted on the loan.

Oh oh.

Now there's officials falling on their swords because Curt has come hat in hand looking for a bailout from the state.

This is also where I have a problem. Why should the State of Rhode Island, or any state, invest in someone's private business? Let's see, publicity comes to mind. If Schilling was just some geek who digs role playing fantasy games in his basement and asked for public funds to seed his video game company would he have gotten very far? I doubt it. For some reason, people slobber over sports figures. Why on earth should the public fund stadiums? It's a private business just like any other except the owners are usually filthy rich from other ventures. Yet these politicians sell it to the public as something the state cannot do without.

Just look at Minnesota, the Vikings managed to finagle public financing without letting the public who foot the bill look into any of the team's finances. Amazing.

Back to Mr. 38. You're a hypocrite on this one Curt. Whether you turn the ship around and get back on course or not, public money should not be used to finance private ventures.
You are just a bit outside on that one Curt.

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  1. I could do a lot with $75 mil... I'm a private business owner, maybe I should move to RI ;] Also this is a test to see if I can comment on your posts